2017 World GT Series update

Yesterday, the GPVWC announced that the rest of the 2017 World GT Series got canceled because the number of participants were declining for some races now.  The GPVWC management issued the following statement:

The GPVWC Management have decided, in the wake of declining numbers in the series, to bring the World GT Championship to an end for 2017.

In this occasion, we would like to thank the Race Directorship, the Disciplinary Committee and of course all the teams and drivers who competed in the series for their commitment. Congratulations to Risto Kappet and EVAL Racing Team who emerge victorious from the series.

These developments do not affect other independent series at GPVWC, with details about the forthcoming International Touring Cup (ITC) to be released soon.

A decision on the future of the series will be taken by the GPVWC Management in due course, with the outcome announced at this year’s GPVWC Day.

This decicion means that STAX Racing finished second in the Constructor’s Championship, behind EVAL Simracing and ahead of Epic Racing. In the Drivers’ Championship, Nico Barclay came third behind Risto Kappet and Chris Shepherd while Thomas Hinss finished the season in eight place. STAX Racing would like to congratulate both Risto Cappet and EVAL Simracing for their dominating victory. We hope to see all teams (and then some) back on track for the 2018 World GT Series.

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