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Automobilista is the newest sim racing product from Reiza studios.
Focused videogame opinion and discussion via video, podcast, blog and digital periodical. If you follow this link you'll find not just their website but also their forum - where you can discuss all kinds of stuff relating to videogames with the friendly, laid back community.
Combat Flip Flops offer a line of flip-flops, belts, and other accessories designed in areas that are in war conflict.
Epic Racing
Gerdoner Designs provide high quality liveries for sim racing and much more.
An Australian sim racing team established in late 2014.
RaceDepartment is the leading independent community for (virtual) motorsport.
ThemeFlection provides quality themes and plugins for Wordpress
An Aussie gaming channel that focuses primarily on sim racing and LSPDFR content.
WCSLeague is a professional simracing league that strives to organize championships that contain the best and fairest drivers around.