The Grand Prix Virtual World Championship (GPVWC) is an institution in the simracing world. During the course of its history, the GPVWC established itself as one of the most successful, most respected and most enjoyable leagues on the internet.

After years offering cutting edge off-line racing experience, the GPVWC entered a new era: the 2008 season, indeed, marked the rebirth of off-line racing, before the introduction, in 2009, of on-line racing in the forms of a rFactor Superleague Championship. Since 2016, their main simulation is rfactor 2. You can visit the league’s website here.

STAX Racing entered the GPVWC in 2016. Our first series was the 2016 World GT Series, followed by the 2016 International Touring Cup. The next year, we entered the 2017 Formula Challenge series and the 2017 World GT Series.