RDMCS 10 – Round 5 Race Report

The MINI Challenge returned to Brands Hatch for the fifth round of the season. Here is our race report.

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Following two rather disappointing races, STAX Racing driver Jazz Forsberg was highly motivated to finish in the points on the second visit in Brands Hatch.

Things were looking good when he qualified in 12th position and even gained another place in the second lap. Rather atypically for a touring car race, Jazz’ first few laps were rather quiet. By lap 7, he had gained a few seconds on the cars behind him while there was a gap of a few seconds to the cars in front. As Jazz went into the 15th lap, John Souter slowly but surely closed the gap to Jazz and, in lap 17, a battle started that should wage for most of the race. In the following laps, the two MINI drivers showed some good fights for positions which only ended when Jazz understeered out off Hawthorns Bend. However, two laps later, Souter made an error in Graham Hill Bend and Jazz was right behind him once again. After taking advantage of the slipstream on the Hawthorn Hill straight, Jazz was able to pass his opponent on the outside going into Hawthorns Bend. The two drivers continued to fight hard but fair. Souton was able to pass the French STAX Racing driver going into Druids Bend, however his corner exit was compromised and Forsberg was able to retake that position immediately. This fight went on for a few more laps and got even more exciting when Steve Le Gallez joined the battle for positions.

Jazz’ race got more difficult when, on lap 33, he understeered out of Hawthorns Bend again. This time, he made contact with the barrier and lost a position. To add insult to injury, he now had a bent suspension and, in the following laps, lost around 1.5 seconds per lap to the guys behind him. Yapci Zamora was able to close the gap to Jazz, who himself was able to gain time on Le Gallez in front of him despite struggling to keep the car on a straight line.

When Enzo Fazzi retired on Lap 38, Jazz gained another position. In the closing stages of the race, him and Zamora found themselves in a battle for 12th place: Zamora was able to pass Jazz on Lap 42, but the Frenchman was able to follow his opponent closely and passed him one lap later. On the last lap, Zamora passed Jazz again in Druids Bend. In the end, Forsberg finished in P13, matching his best finish this season and ending a three race run of non-points scoring finishes.

Jazz said the following after the race:

“I am very happy to score some points for the team again! I made an error on the pit stop, forgetting to not change my rear tyres which cost me about seven seconds and I lost three positions due to the accident afterwards. It would have been amazing to finish in the Top Ten, but I gave my best and those points are a very sweet reward.”

On the next page, you can find a gallery of screenshots, the broadcast and Jazz’ onboard video of the race. On page 3, you can find the complete race results of the race. The last round of the season will be held on Feb 17th, 2017. It will take place in Oulton Park.

"RDMCS 10 – Round 5 Race Report" table of contents

  1. RDMCS 10 – Round 5 Race Report
  2. Gallery / Videos
  3. Race Results

3 comments on “RDMCS 10 – Round 5 Race ReportAdd yours →

  1. Great report as usual Christian !

    Finally, a nice race. Despite some usual mistakes I must work on, and the loooong pitstop (14 secs for changing both rear tyres) I made, even despite the crash at Hawthorns Bend (which again was my fault as I downshifted badly) I had lots of fun racing with Souter. John pace was near mine, and once engaged battles are fair and clean, this time he made things overall better so he really deserved that precious P11 we’d been fighting for almost the whole race.
    As I loss time on my pitstop Le Gallez exited his pitstop 3 secs ahead of me, and Souter lost time somewhere else, as we found again together, this time the 3 of us. I really appreciate these 2 drivers, they are very fair and clean, and even better persons. So that was fun and intense !
    Sadly I damaged the car when I crashed and took me around 2 laps to relearn the car and retake some motivation as at first I thought race was over for me.
    Last 13 laps with direction off center where a pain. The gap with the driver behind was closing pretty fast, and those final laps where quite of demanding. Mainly goal was to bring the car back home no matter what, by then I was sure I was going to get some points if I didn’t make another mistake, and secondly to try at all costs to retain my position.
    Well, Yapci’s is not as clean as Souter or Le Gallez, and with the car in that condition I couldn’t hold him, so after 13 laps of chasing he managed to overtake me in the last one. Congrats to him.

    All in all quite happy, specially for the scored points, as our main driver Andrew sadly couldn’t continue the champ, those points were much needed for the team.
    Thanks again Chrisitan for the report, and hope people enjoyed the race, unexpectedly for me was a very nice and fun one.

    See you all at Oulton 😉

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