RDMCS 10 – Round 3 Race Report

Here is our race report for the third round of the RDMCS 10.

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Round Three of the RaceDepartment MINI Challenge Season 10 took place on the Indy Circuit layout of Brands Hatch on Friday, January 6th 2017.

Both STAX Racing drivers where unavailable to race in the second round of the championship. While Jazz knew that for some time and was able to report his absence in advance, Andrew was stuck at work and thus missed the race. As per the rules, this meant he was excluded from starting in the remaining races of the championship. Andrew’s exclusion left Jazz in a difficult situation, as he is still new to simracing and was looking forward to learn from a fast driver like Andrew. Before the race, Jazz therefore told the team that his goal was to finish the race and gain valuable experience in the car.

“First part of the race I managed to sneak into 17th position. After defending for several laps, I became tired and made mistakes.”

Jazz qualified in P20. In the first few laps, he was able to gain some places and was in P17 by lap 8. The following laps saw close, competitive racing at its best. The field was bunched up together and places were swapped at every corner. However, this meant that Jazz had to spend quite some time looking in his mirrors and he began to make smaller mistakes. On lap 23, he went wide in the final corner and lost a position. While he was able to gain one position in the following laps, on lap 27 Jazz made another mistake and went wide at the Graham Hill Bend. However, these setbacks didn’t discourage the Frenchman and it is a testament to his determination that he was able to gain back several positions after each incident. Being in 17th position at roughly the half of the race meant that he still had a chance to score some points if a driver in front made a mistake.

“I tried to take inside of T1 to get out of there but lost grip on the rear. I managed to avoid the leaders at the price of totally losing control of the car and crashed into the barrier. After that, it was all about finishing.”

In lap 44, Jazz made his pit stop and rejoined the track in 21st position. Ten laps later, the Top 4 were approaching him fast to lap him before the first corner, Paddock Hill Bend. Unfortunately, this compromised the line of the STAX Racing driver going into the fast right-hander and his car began to slide. Trying to avoid going into a spin, the MINI veered off to the left, nearly collecting the leaders. Jazz crashed into the barrier heavily, but lost no position.

After this incident, Jazz concentrated to bring the car home in one piece. In the end, he finished in 19th position.

The next round will be held in Silverstone on Friday January 21st 2017.

On the next page, you can find a gallery of screenshots, the broadcast and Jazz’ onboard video of the race. On page 3, you can find the complete race results of the race.

"RDMCS 10 – Round 3 Race Report" table of contents

  1. RDMCS 10 – Round 3 Race Report
  2. Gallery / Videos
  3. Race Results

2 comments on “RDMCS 10 – Round 3 Race ReportAdd yours →

  1. Nice report Christian !!
    I feel I must say this track should not be in the championship to begin with. Regardless my bad race, 80 minutes on such a short track was a pain and the thoughest race in terms on keeping focus during the whole the race.

    That was really tough for me, as it showed up so clearly that I still didn’t understand the properly way to drive that car. And that it was going to be a hard way through the champ.
    Nonetheless, I’m really having fun understanding the car more and more.
    Regarding the race, awful one when it comes to mistakes. Losing focus was so easy ! Had some nice battles in the very beginning, but my pace wasn’t really there, mistakes and inconsistency made the rest. The accident I had to avoid the top drivers while lapping me didn’t changed anything. Happy that I could avoid contact with any of them and to the barrier when I got offtrack too.

    No matter what, I do my best to keep on racing and to bring the car back home. There will be always another chance.

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