2019 Superleague Lights Season (page 3)

Teams and Drivers

Entrant Base Chassis Race Drivers Test/Reserve Driver(s)
No. Driver Name Rounds
Finland Scuderia Clay Geeli

Finland Espoo

SLL019 23 Ireland Luke Maguire 1-7, 9-10, 12 England Callum Roberts
England Callum Roberts 8, 11, 13-14
Finland Mikael Tuomaala 15-16
31 England Matthew Clipp All
Wales Draig Racing

Wales Hirwaun

DR01 24 England Stefan McCready 1 England Ben Willis
Netherlands Cas Rietveld
Hungary Ádám Pinczés 2-6
Netherlands Cas Rietveld 7-10, 12-16
40 Wales Matt Richards 1-5, 7-16
England Ben Willis 6
Netherlands Holland Racing Team

Netherlands Alkmaar

SLL019 18 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers All Netherlands Gerrit de Vries
Germany Steven Lexow
Germany Jannis Wollborn
20 Germany Bastian Paisler 1-13, 15-16
Belgium Matteo Keersmaekers 14
Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan

Japan Hamamatsu

219C/L 6

Lukas Schmidt

1-6, 8-12, 14-16 Sweden April Carlsvard
Greece Lazaros Filippakos
Sweden April Carlsvard 7
India Sandeep Singh 13
62 England Mike Bell 1-14, 16
Greece Lazaros Filippakos 15
England Red Arrow Racing

England England

SLL019 46 England Chris Butcher 1-4, 6, 8-16

David Jundt

Germany Michi Hoyer 5, 7
65 England Matthew Williams All
Canada STAX Racing

Canada Halifax

SLL019 36 Sweden Johan Lindberg All Ireland Tariq Gamil
England Ben Hemlet
Poland Patryk Roszak
37 South Africa Matthew Marquard 1-8
England Chris Shepherd 9-14
Malta Terence Grech 15-16
Austria Cenobite Motorsports

Austria Salzburg

SLL019 28 Brazil Pedro Moura 1-12 Netherlands Arjan van Putten
Estonia Rauno Muru 13-16
29 Germany Noah Chilla 1-8
Malta Terence Grech 10
Italy Giuseppe Saracino 12-14
England Daniel Hurlock 16
England Royal Blue Racing

England London

SLL019 50 England James Early 1-8, 10-15 Finland Tomi Ylitalo
Italy Michael Francesconi 9
Finland Tomi Ylitalo 16
74 Madagascar Thomas Andriamiharisoa 1-2, 4, 6-7, 9, 11-16
Finland Tomi Ylitalo 3, 5, 8, 16
Italy Michael Francesconi 10
Mexico TR Bluvos Motorsports

Mexico Puebla

SLL019 53 Poland Marcin Rybaczuk 1-6, 8-9, 11-16 England Haydn Rhodes
England Haydn Rhodes 7
England Martin Gosbee 10
88 Macedonia Dusko Avramovski 1-3, 5
England James Saunders 4
Italy Cristian Pasqual 6-10
England Martin Gosbee 11-16
Netherlands CM-Tech Racing

Netherlands Schoonhoven

SLL019 25 Bulgaria Ivan Leonov All England Mark Fuller
26 Estonia Indrek Reemets 1-7
England Mark Fuller 8, 10, 14
Netherlands Menno Klont 9
Poland Tomasz Wach 11-13, 15-16
England TTF Racing

England London

SLL019 41 Netherlands Ruben Van den Hudding 1-2 England George Whitehouse
Wales Ben Horrill
Wales Ben Horrill 3-8, 10-14, 16
England George Whitehouse 9, 15
99 Estonia Rauno Muru 1-12
Brazil Pedro Moura 13-16
England Mayor Downard Racing Team

England Huntingdon

SLL019 17 England Jack Mayor All England Josh Downard
Netherlands Menno Klont
Brazil Rodrigo Carvalho
Estonia Heigo Poom
England Danny Robbins
44 United States Sven de Vries 1
Netherlands Menno Klont 2-3
England Tom Parker 4
England Josh Downard 5-6
Estonia Heigo Poom 7-16
England Idos Motorsport1
England Chaos Engineering
England Sussex SLL019 71 Wales Ben Horrill 1-2 Poland Michal Galka
Belgium Tom Lombaerts
Netherlands Cas Rietveld
Scotland Cameron Rodger
England Alex Skinner
Poland Adrian Faber 3-8
Ireland Cian White 9-11, 13-16
Scotland Cameron Rodger 12
98 Netherlands Cas Rietveld 1
Poland Michal Galka 2-4
Ireland Mark Hutchinson 5-16
Italy NetRex Grand Prix

Italy Naples

SLL019 47 Finland Alari Algpeus 1-4 Italy Daniele Brambilla
Finland Jukkapekka Lalu 5-16
92 Netherlands Danny van der Niet 1-5, 7-15
Italy Daniele Brambilla 6
Netherlands Frank Hamming 16
United States Satellite Racing

United States West Palm Beach, FL

SLL019 32 Germany Marc Veit 1, 3 England Ryan Nash
England Tom Parker
United States Matt Strand
United States Sven de Vries 2, 4, 12
England Tom Parker 5-10, 13-14
England James Dziuba 16
64 Netherlands Mike Kwint 1-13
England Danny Robbins 14

1 Idos was rebranded as Chaos Engineering during the course of the season

New entries

As a brand new series, every team was a new entrant, but had come from various different backgrounds:

  • Scuderia Clay Geeli, Draig Racing, Holland Racing Team and Cosmo Seiki Japan were promoted from the Supercup.
  • Red Arrow Racing, STAX Racing, Cenobite Motorsports, Royal Blue Racing, TR Motorsports, CM-Tech Racing, TTF Racing, Mayor Downard Racing Team and Idos Motorsport were all promoted from Formula Challenge.
  • Satellite Racing returned from a 1-year absence from the Career Ladder, having last competed in 2017, in the Supercup.
  • After a 20-year history competing in other leagues, NetRex Grand Prix debuted in GPVWC for the first time in 2019; however, the team left after the end of the year.

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