WCSLeague is a professional simracing league that strives to organize championships that contain the best and fairest drivers around.

The league was established in 2010 and has been popular with competitive drivers around the globe. After a few years of absence due to the administration being busy in real life, they have revived WCSLeague back in 2016. The revival was loudly applauded by many of the old members, as well as heaps of new members, and the first series, the WCS Formula 3 Season 1, was almost immediately filled up completely.

STAX Racing first competed in said Formula 3 series. We started the season with drivers Philipp König and Casper Onwijn. However, the latter decided to make his seat available after the first race to concentrate on the then upcoming 2017 Formula Challenge season. As his replacement, we signed Patrick Wannemüller to partner Philipp König, as both drivers regularly worked with each other in the past. Unfortunately, both drivers decided to withdraw from the series some races later, which led us to pull out of the series completely.

The team management stated that the withdrawal from the series was the most disappointing event in the team’s young history and decided not to apply for a spot for WCS’s GP3 Series, the successor of WCS Formula 3 Season 1. However, the league management urged us to apply, as they valued STAX Racing as an important team to have onboard,  both off and on track. In the end, we decided to apply for a spot in the WCS GP3 Series if we were able to sign two reliable drivers beforehand. When we were in agreement with Geoffrey Fournier and Rob Mason, two reliable drivers we worked in the past with, we submitted our application and were awarded a spot in the championship.