Update on the 2019 Superleague Lights season

With tonight’s season finale of the Superleague Lights season coming up, we thought we owed you a long overdue update.

Ontrack, it was quite a difficult season: In the first half, we struggled to score points regularly. Not necessarily because our drivers were too slow, sometimes it was just plain bad luck, like being involved in other people’s crashes. Other times, communication problems (*cough* both drivers pitting on the same lap *cough*) or hardware problems circumvented us from finishing higher up. After the first half of the season, we were last in the Constructor’s Championship table.
Things improved for the second half of the season. While we still had too many DNFs for our liking, we were able to score valuable points more regularly and finish both cars in the points multiple times. This meant that we scored more than double the points in the second half of the season compared to the first half! While we will finish the season in the bottom half of the Championship Table, making this our worst season in the Career Ladder so far, we are proud of the fact that we showed there’s still fight in us!
Offtrack, we were far too quiet for most of the season, be it on social media or on our website. The main reason for that is that I got (temporarily) relocated at work this year. This meant, that among other things my daily commute now takes three times longer than before. Also I had to go search for a car to buy, learn about the proceedings at the new place etc. In the last weeks, some health issues also reared their ugly heads.
Overall it is fair to say that I am unhappy about the long silence and hope I can dedicate more time keeping you guys updated next season.
Before the season finishes tonight, I want to say “Thank you” to all of our drivers this season. We might have struggled in the races, but every one of them were dedicated to the team and gave their best. So thanks again Matthew Marquard, Johan Lindberg, Chris Shepherd, Terence Grech and Tariq Gamil. Also, a huge thank you to Chris Williamson for developing and updating the mod and for his service as Race Director.
So, to summarize: 2019 has been somewhat disappointing, be it ontrack or offtrack. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and we are very proud of the improvements made in the second half of the season and are looking forward to come back stronger in 2020, hopefully with more updates between the races.
Speaking of silver linings, here is our special livery to promote (Brazilian-based) Reiza Studios’ upcoming title Automobilista 2.

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