Honda Civic NGTC

The 2013 Honda Civic NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car), entered by the Honda Yuasa and Pirtek Racing Teams into the British Touring Car Championship, is built for ultimate performance.

The Honda Civic boasts 330 horsepower, driven to the front wheels through its six-speed Xtrac sequential semi-automatic stick driven gearbox. The slick tires are a very modern radial design that cope very well with the preferred oversteer setup the car is fastest with.

The car is unlikely to change very much within current NGTC rules, so should remain competitive and cutting edge for quite a few years.

STAX Racing used the Honda Civic in the 2016 International Touring Cup, organized by the GPVWC.

Our announcement post read as follows:

“After some internal testing, we chose to run the Honda Civic. Like our first car (an Aston Martin in British Racing Green), we tried to combine a traditional colour scheme with a modern twist. […] We are proud to continue having the Combat Flip Flops logos on our car. […] Additionally, we will have the OnWheelsTV logo on our car for the first time.”

The livery was designed by Gerdoner Designs.