2018 Formula Challenge Season (page 3)

Teams and Drivers

Formula Challenge Team Team Owner Abbreviation No. Race Drivers Test/Reserve Driver(s)
England Apex Motorsport with Precision FX England Stefan McCready Apex 83 England Stefan McCready Wales Matt Richards
84 England Ben Willis
Netherlands Cenobite Motorsports Netherlands Liam de Waal Cenobyte 46 France Eneric Andre n/a
47 Bulgaria Ivan Leonov
Netherlands CM-Tech Racing Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra CM-Tech 48 India Sandeep Chodha n/a
49 Italy Daniele Brambilla
England Downforce Racing England Jake Sanson Downforce 53 England Harry Graham England Luke Browning
54 England Tom Davison
Netherlands Drillers Motorsport Netherlands Joey Vrolijk Drillers 75 Germany Patrick Wannemuller n/a
92 Poland Jan Woznica
Liechtenstein GPVWC Academy Netherlands Menno Klont GPVWC 100 Poland Konrad Zerebiec n/a
101 Germany Marc Veit
England Idos Motorsport England Elise Skinner Idos 80 England Ed Williams n/a
90 Poland Michal Galka
England Mayor Downard Racing Team England Jack Mayor MDR 78 Netherlands Wesley Stefano England Daniel Brewer
94 England Matthew Clipp
Scotland McKinlay Engineering Scotland Ben Williamson McKinlay 72 Colombia Osvaldo Angelone n/a
73 England Dominic Foster
England Sim-Ink Red Arrow Racing England David Fidock Red Arrow 65 England Chris Butcher England Chris Williamson

David Jundt

England Royal Blue Racing England Matthew Clipp Royal Blue 50 England James Early United States Tyler Parker
51 Madagascar Thomas Andriamiharisoa
England Shift Gear Racing England Christopher Rabey SGR 67 Peru Miguel de los Rios n/a
98 Ireland Luke Maguire
Canada STAX Racing Germany Christian Zoerner STAX 36 England Adrian Campfield n/a
37 England Chris Shepherd
Mexico TR Bluvos Motorsports Mexico Michael Teichmann TR 87 Germany Kevin Peters n/a
88 Germany Phillip K├Ânig
England TTF Racing England Tyrone Frith TTF 41 Estonia Rauno Muru n/a
45 South Africa Bret Metcalf
Poland WSL Racing Team Poland Mateusz Ziubinski WSL 81 Poland Mateusz Ziubinski n/a
82 Poland Mateusz Dabrowski

Team changes

  • Scuderia Basilea, Bastvik Grand Prix, Holland Racing Team, THUnderdog and YTF1 were all promoted to Supercup.
  • Arrow International Racing, EJ Engineering and The Mighty Forth did not continue into 2018.
  • MDR Motorsports renamed themselves following the 2017 season, becoming Mayor Downard Racing Team.

New entries

  • Apex Motorsport raced in the series for the first time following an abortive entry in 2017.
  • Cenobyte Motorsports, CM-Tech Racing, Drillers Motosport, Idos Motosport, McKinlay Engineering, Shift Gear Racing and WSL Racing Team all entered for the first time in 2018.

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