2016 World GT Series (page 3)

Teams and drivers

World GT Team Base Team Vehicle Tyre No. Drivers
Switzerland Scuderia Basilea Switzerland Binningen, Switzerland Basilea Ferrari 458 G 0 England Jordan Weekes
2 Peru Nico Barclay
England TSA Racing England Stowmarket, England TSA Chevrolet Corvette C7R G 3 England Cameron Brewster
England Matthew Chirgwin
4 England Thomas Jacobs
England ST Racing England Chandler’s Ford, England ST Ferrari 458 G 5 Spain Borja Millan
6 England Mark Fuller
Ireland SimTech Motorsport Ireland Limerick, Ireland SimTech Aston Martin Vantage G 7 Netherlands Sherwin van der Sloot
8 England Luke Walsh
Czech Republic Standa Sehnal
Brazil Armaroli Racing Team Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Armaroli Ferrari 458 G 9 Netherlands Gerrit de Vries
10 Italy Lorenzo de Ciutiis
England Cosmo Autosport England Simonside, England Cosmo BMW Z4 1 G 11 Australia Thomas Hinss
12 Belgium Bart de Vos
Finland FA Racing 2 Finland Lahti, Finland FA Chevrolet Corvette C7R G 14  
England YTF1 England Bath, England YTF1 Chevrolet Corvette C7R G 14 England Matthew Allington
Norway Ice Cold Racing Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden Ice Cold Chevrolet Corvette C7R G 16 Finland Tommi Ojala
17 England Kevin Cox
South Africa MadCape Racing Team South Africa Cape Town, South Africa MadCape Ferrari 458 G 18 Germany Marius Nicolae
19 Netherlands Michel de Jonge
Netherlands Racing Team Schroten Netherlands Bennekom, Netherlands RTS Chevrolet Corvette C7R G 20 United States Rory Collins
21 England Tom Parker
England RPM Racing England Bourne, England RPM Ferrari 458 G 22 Sweden Tobias Olsson
23 Venezuela Argenis Riera
England Rob Mason
Canada STAX Racing Canada Halifax, Canada STAX Aston Martin Vantage G 24 Peru Diego Carranza
25 France Geoffrey Fournier
Canada Andrew Waring
Australia Streetfighter Racing Systems Australia Sydney, Australia SRS Ferrari 458 G 1 Peru Luis Felipe Capamadjian
26 Germany Philipp Puschke
27 Estonia Risto Kappet
England Tēafor Motorsport 3 England Norwich, England Tēafor Aston Martin Vantage G 28  
England Epic Racing England Banbury, England Epic SRT Viper GTS-R G 28 Germany Florian Engel
29 Germany Christoph Lichtenstein
England TTF Racing England London, England TTF Chevrolet Corvette C7R 4 G 30 South Africa Bret Metcalf
31 South Africa Rudolph Mare
  • 1 Cosmo Autosport were originally allocated the Aston Martin Vantage. However, following an opportunity for teams to change cars, they elected to switch to the BMW Z4.
  • 2 FA Racing chose to withdraw from the series following Round 1 after failing to secure any drivers in preseason, or indeed post-Fuji. Their entry was taken over by YTF1, who entered the series with the Chevrolet Corvette C7R.
  • 3 Tēafor Motorsport were originally included on the 15-team grid but withdrew prior to the first round at Fuji. Their entry was taken over by Epic Racing, who entered the series with the SRT Viper.
  • 4 TTF Racing were originally allocated the Aston Martin Vantage. However, following an opportunity for teams to change cars, they elected to switch to the Chevrolet Corvette C7R.

Team changes

  • Aurora Motorsports, Downforce iZone Racing, Edonis Engineering, Fox Racing, Hawkeye Racing, PB Racing, Smile Power Racing, The Mighty Forth, Torrent Motorsports and Walk Racing all did not continue into the 2016 season.

Mid-season changes

  • FA Racing and Tēafor Motorsport both entered the championship, the former returning having last competed in 2013, but withdrew before competing. Their slots were taken over by YTF1 (entering for the first time) and Epic Racing (who last competed in 2013) respectively.

New entries

  • Cosmo Autosport, MadCape Racing Team, RPM Racing, STAX Racing, Streetfighter Racing Systems and TTF Racing would all make their World GT debuts in 2016.

Returning entries

  • Ice Cold Racing and Racing Team Schroten returned to the series, both having last competed in the 2013 season.

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