2017: Setbacks and victories

In the first few weeks of 2017, STAX Racing participated in RaceDepartment’s MINI Challenge Season 10. Our driver lineup consisted of Jazz Forsberg and Andrew Warring. However, the latter did only start in the first race, leaving Jazz to run as a single car team for the rest of the season. The French driver freely admitted that he was still a newcomer to simracing, but had some decent results nonetheless. You can read more about the series here.

The team also started in WCSLeague’s Formula 3 Season 1. We entered the season with drivers Philipp König and Casper Onwijn. However, Casper decided to make his seat available after the first race to concentrate on the then upcoming 2017 Formula Challenge season. As his replacement, we signed Patrick Wannemüller to partner Philipp König, as both drivers regularly worked with each other in the past. Unfortunately, both drivers decided to withdraw from the series some races later, which led us to pull out of the series completely. This definitely was the low point in our team history so far, as we are always striving to be a reliable team. You can read more about the Formula 3 season here.

Our main focus this year is on GPVWC’s 2017 Formula Challenge season. Our driver lineup consists of Menno Klont and Chris Shepherd. After half of the season, we already have two wins and various podium finishes in the bag and are second in the Constructor’s Championship. You can read more about the season here.

Being big fans of GT racing, we of course started in the 2017 World GT series with drivers Nico Barclay and Thomas Hinss. The series struggles with dwindling participant numbers while being dominated by EVAL SimRacing’s Risto Kappet. Epic Racing’s Chris Shepherd is battling with Nico for second position in the Driver’s Championship with just two more races to go. STAX Racing is currently second in the Constructor’s Championship. You can find further information about this series if you follow this link.

After struggling in WCSLeague’s Formula 3 Series, it may come as a surprise that the team applied for a spot in the follow-up GP3 season.  Indeed, we first decided not to apply to race in the series, but members of the league management urged us to join the field as they valued STAX Racing as an important team to have in the series,  both off and on track. In the end, we decided to apply for a spot in the WCS GP3 Series if we were able to sign two reliable drivers beforehand. When we were in agreement with Rob Mason (#36) and Geoffrey Fournier (#37), we submitted our application and were awarded a spot in the championship.