2017 World GT Race 6 update

The sixth race of the 2017 World GT Series was held in Spa-Francorchamps on June 8th. Before the race, Nico Barclay was in third position in the Drivers’ Championship behind Risto Kappet and Chris Shepherd. The gap to second-placed Shepherd was just 12 points. Thomas Hinss gained one place in the last race and was now sixth in the championship. In the Team’s Championship, STAX Racing was second behind EVAL Simracing and in front of Epic Racing.

On raceday, Thomas Hinss asked the team if he could miss this race as he had an important appointment the following weekend and time difference means he has to race in the middle of the night. Of course we understand that real life always comes first, however due to the short notice we weren’t able to sign a replacement driver for this round. This meant that Nico had to defend STAX Racing’s second place in the Constructor’s Championship against the two Epic Racing Bentleys alone, as Geoffrey Fournier made his first appearance for the English team.

Nico qualified third behind Risto Kappet and Chris Shepherd in a field of just seven starters. At the start, Nico attacked Chris going into La Source but was unable to overtake the Epic Racing driver. However, he was able to use Chris’ slipstream on the Kemmel Straight and overtook him on the outside going into Les Combes. In the following laps, he was able to defend second place from Shepherd while following Risto Kappet. However, the Peruvian was not happy with the balance of his Porsche 991 GT3-R. He later told the team that the car was very understeery and he had to pit on lap 11 since he could make the tyres last for only about 20 minutes. He rejoined the race in fifth position, behind Geoffrey Fournier and Rauno Muru and infront of Mark Fuller. Muru pitted the next lap and Nico set out to close the gap to Geoffrey. In the following laps he was up to 2.5 seconds faster than Geoffrey and on lap 17, after the Frenchman made a small mistake and went wide in Pouhon, he overtook the Epic Racing driver. Eight laps later he finished the race in third position behind Risto Kappet and Chris Shepherd.

With two races to go, Nico is still 3rd in the Championship behind Risto Kappet and Chris Shepherd. Since Thomas did not start in this race, he lost two positions in the Championship and is now in eight place. In the Team’s Championship, STAX Racing is second in the standings, just seven points ahead of Epic Racing. The next round of the 2017 World GT Series will be held in Brands Hatch on June 22th, 2017.

Below, you can find the results of both the qualifying and the race of the Belgian GT Cup race.

Pos Driver Nat Team Time/Gap S1 S2 S3 Laps
1 Risto Kappet EVAL 02:20.788 40.416 62.722 37.650 3
2 Chris Shepherd Epic Racing + 1.213 40.337 63.535 38.130 7
3 Nico Barclay STAX + 2.679 41.095 63.655 38.718 5
4 Geoffrey Fournier Epic Racing + 2.741 41.387 63.757 38.386 6
5 Mark Fuller ST Racing + 2.923 41.041 64.141 38.529 7
6 Rauno Muru TTF + 3.646 40.938 65.198 38.299 6
7 Bret Metcalf TTF + 5.625 41.434 65.930 39.049 5
Pos Driver Nat Team Laps Time/Gap Pits Grid Diff Points
1 Risto Kappet EVAL 25 01:00:19.552 0 1 +0

2 Chris Shepherd Epic Racing 25 + 7.204 0 2 +0

3 Nico Barclay STAX 25 + 23.568 1 3 +0

4 Geoffrey Fournier Epic Racing 25 + 67.319 0 4 +0

5 Rauno Muru TTF 25 + 73.803 1 6 +1

6 Bret Metcalf TTF 25 + 111.815 0 7 +1

7 Mark Fuller ST Racing 25 + 113.408 1 5 -2


Italics indicate Fastest Laps

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