2016 World GT roundup after Race 1

Round 2 of the 2016 World GT series will take place in Interlagos today. Time to review the last race and share our thoughts about the upcoming race.

Looking back on Race 1, there was not a lot of time to practice or to get to know each other due to the short notice between the announcement of the series entries and the first race. Still, with P8 and P19, we achieved our goals of bringing both cars home and gaining valuable experience with the car. Geoffrey Fournier, substituting for Andrew Waring, even scored points on our first outing. We got a lot of positive feedback on our team and our livery, designed by Gerdoner Designs. We especially want to thank Combat Flip Flops for the permission to use their logo. You should check out their facebook page, they have great stuff to offer.

For Race 2, we want to build on those results. We used the last few days to do a lot of work on the setup. In training, we were able to run competitive laptimes, which is encouraging. Andrew Waring still had some problems with power outages in the last few days, but should be able to participate in this round. This would be his first start with the team.

Between the two races, we also signed Carlos Andres Ladines as a reserve driver. We were very impressed by his results in other leagues and are happy he agreed to join the team. It is our intention to give him a race seat in any series we enter in the future. Carlos takes over the place of Geoffrey Fournier as “first reserve” driver. Geoff is still with the team, but will have more of an advisoral role in the future. We thank Geoff for his services to the team so far, helping us out in the last minute last race. We look forward working with him in the future.
The signing of Carlos means that we now have two starting drivers and two reserves, which should see us prepared for any eventualities, e.g. Canada’s power lines acting up again in Andrew’s case.

The second round of the 2016 World GT series will be held at Interlagos on the 31st of March, 2016 at 20.00 BST. The race will be broadcasted live on www.gpvwc.com/tv

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